Accelerate is our program developed to optimize the mind’s capabilities and accelerate the speed of learning, assessment, and decision making across business settings. It is often said we should work smarter not harder and Accelerate’s curriculum aims to help you do just that.

Following a personal assessment and participation in our E3 program, those who would like to elevate their cognitive performance can engage in our “Olympic training for the mind” experience. The Accelerate curriculum includes:


  • Cognitive Education: Exactly like hiring a personal trainer, the first step is to understand how the brain works and where choices across our life and during our daily lives affects the brain’s ability to function optimally. Understanding is a necessary step in recognizing where adjustments can be made to improve performance.

  • Resilience Training: training to build the mind’s ability to recover from stressful moments, compartmentalize personal and professional concerns, and function with clarity

  • Agility Training: focuses on one’s ability to task switch from one meeting to the next, from home to work, and from discussion to application to create a cognitive athlete able to balance tasking at a heightened level

  • Working Memory and Analysis Training: Working memory is a supporting capability to the mind’s ability to hold onto a lot of information at once so that pattern analysis accuracy, speed, and application can be enhanced

  • Decision Making Training: It is well known that people are emotional beings, and the stress of decision making can fog our mind’s ability to see information accurately. Learning to manipulate what the mind takes in, digests, and connects to previous knowledge, and then using all of that to predict the future can drastically improve both the speed and quality of decision making in business.


Taken together, Accelerate is an individualized training program aimed at helping you achieve a heightened level of success through improved brain functioning and mind strength. Just like optimal physical performance starts with good nutrition and benefits from coaching, training, conditioning, and practice, so too does cognitive performance start with the strengthening of fundamental brain functioning that also benefits from personalized coaching, conditioning, and practice.

Led by Dr. JJ Walcutt, an internationally-recognized leader in cognitive optimization and the tools needed to achieve it.

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