Joining The Board Room and Dining Room

Ascend™ is our program designed to connect the "board room to the dining room".  We believe strongly that great teams at work start with great teams at home.  In our hurried, "always on" culture today we have actually become more disconnected from ourselves, our families and our teams at work.  This disconnection and lack of presence impedes peak individual performance.

The Ascend™ curriculum includes:

  • A 'total human' approach to restoring balance to your life (immersion in mind, body, spirit principles).

  • Mindfulness Training:  training to make a conscious choice on where attention is directed, practicing presence, and managing choice and control.

  • State Training:  State training is learning how to put the body and mind into the optimal state for any situation, shifting from a stressed state to a relaxed state through evidence-based techniques.

  • Emotional Intelligence:  Through Attention-Training and State-Training, emotional intelligence naturally starts to increase.  When we develop the ability to direct attention with deliberateness and intention, and the reactivity to emotions decreases, we can develop the ability to recognize emotions internally for what they are, and then pay attention to them in others. 


Ascend™ is an individual one-on-one program that guides you to new found levels of acuity, presence and performance through our mindfulness regimen, led by Cassandra Carlopio, nationally-recognized leaders in a comprehensive array of techniques centered around unlocking peak human potential.

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