Partner Benefits

We believe in providing our partners with an ecosystem of differentiating services that unlock unique ways to expand their businesses and offer additional value to their clients.

Benefits of a partnership with Management Essentials include:

  • Tailored speaking opportunities from Super Bowl Champion Ben Utecht who inspires all levels of your organization by sharing a riveting story of turning "culture to performance" on the field and in the board room.

  • The ability to offer our CulturePulse(TM) software at preferred pricing so that you can enjoy a new competitive edge and increase value to existing and new projects.

  • Access to sophisticated social psychological skills to aid your team in forming highly precise, measurable tactics to help unlock your client's full performance capability.

  • A team of highly experienced coaches that can be quickly trained on your system, providing you with an instant, ongoing success team.

  • A library of case studies and professionally authored content on the topic of connecting leaders to performance through culture.

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