Business Development

What is business development

Some might think business development is the same as sales or marketing or that it has to do with partnerships and competitive insight.  Elite business development is all of the above.  It's the creation of value for an organization through the intersection of sales, marketing, partnerships, and competitive intelligence to drive sustainable growth.


How to get started

Your company needs business development capabilities, but the amount of time and resources needed to get started or increase bandwidth can be a challenge.  What's the best approach?  Management Essentials provides all of the benefits of a seasoned business development team that is positioned to deliver immediate results without the costs associated with building this capability internally.

Driving growth

Providing Business Development services is far more than "sales outsourcing."  It is harvesting the capability of a unified plan that combines sales, marketing, strategy and competitive intelligence to provide your business with vital tools for strategic growth without the traditional risks and costs associated with internalizing these efforts.

Key benefits of leveraging our Business Development resources:

  • Build profits through access to seasoned, proven business development resources at a fraction of the cost.

  • Build credibility and reputation through unwavering adherence to your brand, your culture, and your style.  We immerse ourselves in "becoming your brand" and help you and your organization do the same.

  • Build a sense of security by having a trusted advisor help fuel your business without being encumbered by the risk and costs associated with internalizing these key functions.

Do you have business development skills in house?

Business Development Infographic

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