Developing Everyday Champions

Our unique approach of inspiring performance keynotes, revealing evaluation instruments and insightful performance coaching allow us to efficiently create a custom game plan for you and your team. 


Your game plan can include:

  • The Champions Challenge™:  put the elements of Ben's talk into action in this simple, 7 day plan to have an immediate impact on individual and team performance.

  • Champions Way™ Workshops:  leverage our half-day and full-day onsite and offsite workshops for you and your teams to learn how to put into practice the elements of The Champions Way™ in your company, and in your personal life.

  • Sustained Performance Program:  a Management Essentials Performance Coach come alongside your team over a sustained period of time to reinforce and ensure sustained culture and performance gains.  As part of this program, you also receive direct access to Ben who as Chief Performance Officer directs all of our performance programs and meets with your team regularly.

  • Individual and Group Coaching:  our team of elite performance coaches are uniquely qualified to support your organization and its employees through a variety of group and individual leadership development programs.

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