Our Story

This company is far more than just a business for me.  After more than 25 years of diverse experience ranging from law enforcement, running a world-class cultural attraction, to developing next-generation software for a global large technology company - I realized that I had honed an innate ability to build great teams, equip those teams for success, and solve complex business problems others viewed as unsolvable.  While I was proud of helping other's grow their companies, I decided it was time to grow my own - with a specific set of beliefs in mind.

Management Essentials was formed for one purpose: to help people and companies grow. We would do this be building a best-in-class team of experts in key strategy and growth areas, and then make our skills available at reasonable prices We set out to arm small and mid-sized companies with capabilities previously perceived to be "out of reach". We have a passion for helping the business owner, leader and executive regain strategic balance in their lives, and with that achieve the acuity necessary for true peak performance.

Some have said, "John, what one thing do you guys do better than anyone else?" - suggesting our services offering is too broad and lacking focus. I disagree. Does your company need only one thing to grow? This company has been purpose-built to offer your company an epic skills bench to fuel your growth.  Growth comes from too many avenues to focus on just one area.

We built a deep bench so that you do not have to!

John Lucas, Owner

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Amelia, Ohio United States