Eleanor Kamke currently works as a Small Business Consultant and owns a small business herself called The Oyster Project, a space for her to channel her creativity and inspire the "world is your oyster" spirit in others. Eleanor's area of expertise stems from over 15 years working in the tourism and hospitality industries, where she lived and worked abroad on multiple occasions. The later of those years were spent working with nonprofit organizations by creating successful events and group sales programs to strengthen the organizations' missions while capitalizing on additional revenue streams that support those missions. Notable cultural attractions in her portfolio include Denver Zoo, National Western Complex, History Colorado Center, Center of Science and Industry (COSI), the Cincinnati Zoo, and the Louisville Zoo. She received her MBA from Johnson & Wales University, with a focus on Hospitality and Tourism and her passions include traveling, behavioral sciences, organizational culture, and creative visualization. 


Eleanor Kamke

Senior Sales & Marketing Strategist