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 E3 Behavioral Assessment   


Powerful behavioral profiling tool created with the business leader in mind.  Sophisticated yet simple to use, you gain profound insight into 21 behavioral scales.

Customer Testimonial:  "The E3 has had such a positive impact on our training, hiring and our whole overall business experience.  It's been amazing.  I don't think you can afford to not do it."

- Vic Cassano, CEO




"Measure the unmeasurable",then watch it write your prescription for the 5 things your organization needs to do to achieve winning culture.

Customer Testimonial:  "For the last three years we have used CulturePulse with all of our staff and providers, and we have used the results to help guide our culture and strategy. It has been very helpful to us as we have moved our practice to higher levels of patient care and productivity. The concept of culture has become central to our approach to leadership development, staff development and retention, and overall clinic performance management, and the survey has been instrumental in this effort."

-Gary Schwartz, MD, MHA

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