Growth is our talent ecosystem design program focused on creating long-term, robust, full-scale learning and development programs for companies. The goal is to promote work-life integration, personal and professional experiential development, and worker retention.  We work independently or alongside your Chief Learning Officer to provide design support, technology guidance, and interventions for personal-professional integrated growth trajectories. The end-product born out of this work will be a blueprint for building a living ecosystem that will help identify, elevate, and retain talent.


  • Setting the foundation – The first task is to set up the data root system. A technologically interoperable backbone that collects data and allows it to stream will ensure everything from knowledge management to personnel information is available in real-time. In the future, it will enable AI to mine for patterns needed for optimized solutions.

  • Planning the pathways – involves first determining what workers want to achieve and how they want to live while also determining what businesses need from their workers. The second step involves creating question pathways that help draw this information from workers and make recommendations for which experiences are needed to achieve these joint goals.

  • Personalizing learning – structured, unstructured, and experiential learning opportunities are created across business, cognitive, emotional, and personal domains. Recommend adding generalizable Accelerate and Ascend curriculum across the workforce and personalized versions for the C-suite.

  • Experience design – Pathway recommendations and learning experiences are organized to design a holistic growth pathway for each worker that credits activities outside work and helps integrate work/life experiences.

  • Analysis – It is important to design with the end in mind so all parts of the design will capture data that helps maximize retention. As changes in personnel, the business itself, and/or the rest of the world changes, these data will continue to help improve analysis accuracy and clarify recourse expenditure recommendations.

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