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Ben Utecht is a former NFL player and Super Bowl champion with a talent for helping organizations unlock their peak performance inspired by methods learned from Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts.  


Ben Utecht provides unique access into the locker room of a Super Bowl Champion culture, providing a step-by-step roadmap for your company to achieve high performing culture. 

Ben Utecht

Dr. Walcutt is a psychologist, strategic designer, and expert in cognitive optimization. She draws upon a wide range of experience from basic research, to development of military training and education, to large scale talent management design. Dr. Walcutt has worked with public and private sector clients at the local, national, and international levels including work in the Pentagon and representing the US at NATO. She helps individuals, teams, and system designers optimize and accelerate innovative thinking, mental capacity, cognitive agility, and decision making under stress. Her goal is to help the brain operate at the Olympic level of business.

Dr. JJ Walcutt


Madeline is an experienced professional figure skater & performing artist working in the entertainment industry. She is known for her dynamic flexibility, artistry, acting skills, athleticism, and contagious energy on and off the ice. She is a USFSA triple gold medalist and has performed in over 30 countries worldwide. Since 2012, she has skated as a soloist and an adagio pair for Royal Caribbean International onboard the largest cruise ship in the world, and created one of the original main characters of Cirque Du Soleil's first show on ice, "Crystal."


Madeline brings her skills and talents on the ice to the business world, helping leaders apply principles of resiliency, wellness, nutrition and mindfulness for peak performance at home, and at work.  Madeline is a leader in our Ascendâ„¢ program.

Madeline Stammen

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