Dr. J.J. Walcutt and our team of coaches are skilled in conducting organizational and behavioral assessments of your leaders and teams to mine the keys to unlocking elite performance.


Our organizational assessment and behavioral interviews along with our E3 Behavioral Assessment allow us to quickly assess strength and opportunity areas, accelerating your path to growth.

Benefits of our E3 Assessment include:

  • ID Key behavioral traits of your employees, teams and prospective employees.

  • Drastically reduce time in talent acquisition while also ensuring candidates that match culture and skills you are seeking.

  • Pinpoint your own leadership styles to provide insights for positive change.

  • Nurture the culture you want your company to have.

  • Reduced cost and stress caused by turnover in key positions, or hiring the wrong person.

Customer Testimonial:  "The E3 has had such a positive impact on our training, hiring and our whole overall business experience.  It's been amazing.  I don't think you can afford to not do it."

- Vic Cassano, CEO