Strategic Planning

Strategy Development Process

We do not believe in 'cookie-cutter' processes in our approach, because no two companies are the same.  We have a knack for working with niche companies, in unique markets.  Our processes to help those companies follow this blueprint:

  • Discover:  We meet with you on a no-obligation, no-cost basis and do a lot of listening.  We learn about you, your people and your organization.  We want to know what keeps you up at night, where your passions lie and about your short and long-term goals.

  • Analyze:  We conduct an individual assessment using our E3 Behavioral Assessment to determine where we can help drive meaningful value for your company.  We outline a proposed approach, the scope of our services, and the results you can expect from us.  With YOUR input, we create the ideal program and begin!

  • Grow:  We guide you and your teams through a practical, no-nonsense process to get at the core issues driving your business and opportunities for sustainable growth.  There will be no large 3-ring dust collectors on the shelf when we are finished!  Instead there is a practical, concise plan that is the synthesis of what we have heard through active listening and the E3 assessment combined with our experience in helping companies grow.

  • Sustain:  The real work starts after the planning and growth processes are complete.  We remain engaged with you to ensure that your plan and training are having the desired impact.  We provide ongoing support, resources, coaching and continuous refinement to help ensure your sustained growth.

  • Inspire:  We draw inspiration from helping companies grow, and the opportunities that growth provides business owners, employees and the communities they serve.  We believe in balancing profits with purpose and hope to inspire you to do the same by becoming a high performing, profitable, and purposeful organization.   

What is your strategic roadmap
to achieve your vision?

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