I remember sitting in my bedroom, as a teenager, working on an illustration of two tigers. As I was drawing, it occurred to me I couldn't imagine my life without art. After winning my college's tuition scholarship, I pursued graphic design. (Despite the fact I had no idea how to turn on a Macintosh computer.) The School of Advertising Art prepped me for my career ahead. I graduated in the top five of my class and won two design awards. 

Spanning 13 years, my corporate career started at PrintManagement, in Cincinnati where I was quickly given opportunities to grow my design skills and learned valuable knowledge in the printing industry. I later became Design Director for Steadfast Studios and then BrandingGround up until I decided to venture out on my own. I value everything I’ve learned, everyone who helped contribute to my success; awesome clients and vendors—all with whom I've gained wonderful relationships. 

Open for business since 2014, I can now call my own shots: balancing life as a mom of four beautiful kiddos with the work I love. 


Valerie Hoffman

Graphic Design & Creative