Why Hire Us?

No consultant rhetoric, just the plain, no-fluff truth

1.  This is far more than just a business for me. 

I started this company for one singular purpose:  to have a real and measurable impact on people - and on businesses. To use my skills, my successes, and my failures, for a greater good, and to inspire others to do the same.

2.  I have no interest in furthering the negative stereotype of consultants.

Trading time and iffy results for money - no thanks! Our FREE Coaching Session is there for us, not you...  It is for us to determine if we think we can have a real impact with you.  If we can't, we will tell you.  If we can, we will outline specifically how we will help, and you can decide if you are willing to place your trust in us.

3.  We focus on quality over quantity.  

I take pride in having a small number of clients at any given time.  I am intentionally selective in who we choose to work with, and when a client chooses us, we stop at nothing to exceed their expectations.

4.  Placing purpose over profit.

This is not a tagline or some phrase meant to pull at your heart strings.  I mean it, and I live it.  That means we will occasionally make the wrong business decision for the right reasons.  I am not chasing the big house, or the nice car for my garage.  We have extremely low overhead, which allows us to offer killer capability at a reasonable price to you.


5. Our bench skills really are that good. 

These are A+ level top performers that are hard to come by and would cost you a lot of money to hire.  I've hand selected them myself to join our team - because they rock, and because they believe in #1 - #4 as much as I do.

Founder, CEO

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