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We make companies better. We do this through the assembly of best-in-class capabilities and strategic planning in skill areas focused on helping you reach your peak performance. Believing there is no difference between the board room and the dining room, we employ methods and resources that help our clients at both work and at home, leveraging skills levels typically reserved for only the Fortune 500. Watching companies wrestle with growth and balancing critical needs with limited resources has provided the inspiration behind Management Essentials. We provide elite skills without the high costs.

Management Essentials was founded by John Lucas who attributes his skills in growing people and businesses to a diverse career which exposed him to a wide array of skills.  This included roles as a Detective, running a world-class attraction, to Directing a global team to develop next-generation software solutions for some of the largest and most notable brands in the world.  

John hand-selected his team at Management Essentials from individuals he has found through his career to be top performers in their respective areas of expertise.

Management Essentials