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Management Essentials


We work best with clients who have grown tired of watching traditional marketing tactics yield little more than draining their bank account, and who see marketing as an investment in their future and growth, not a line item on their budget. 

  • Videography and photography (see samples)

  • Drone videography and photography

  • Social Media Management

  • Story-based marketing, messaging & branding

  • Advanced content creation 

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising


Dr. J.J. Walcutt and our team of coaches are skilled in conducting organizational and behavioral assessments of your leaders and teams to mine the keys to unlocking elite performance.


Our organizational assessment and behavioral interviews along with our E3 Behavioral Assessment allow us to quickly assess strength and opportunity areas, accelerating your path to growth.

Benefits of our E3 Assessment include:

  • ID Key behavioral traits of your employees, teams and prospective employees.

  • Drastically reduce time in talent acquisition while also ensuring candidates that match culture and skills you are seeking.

  • Pinpoint your own leadership styles to provide insights for positive change.

  • Nurture the culture you want your company to have.

  • Reduced cost and stress caused by turnover in key positions, or hiring the wrong person.


Accelerate™ is a human optimization and executive coaching curriculum that trains individuals to accomplish more at a higher level in less time. By optimizing the mind’s capabilities, you’ll develop a mastery of multi-tasking and mental agility, which allows you to get more done at work and achieve a healthier work/life balance.


Through human optimization, you’ll increase the quality of each output, producing at a higher level. As you channel this ability to accomplish more at an elite level, you’ll spend less time at each task, allowing you to enhance efficiency and cut down on total hours spent dedicated to work. With the Accelerate program, you’ll actually work smarter, not harder.

Key Benefits of this program include:​

  1. Get more done in less time

  2. Master skills necessary to efficiently switch between tasks

  3. Enhance the overall quality of your work output


We have assembled an all-star team of coaches spanning multiple 'disciplines' to aid in your organizational development plans. We simply call them performance coaches, and they are armed with a vast array of skills all centered around supporting your personal and professional growth.


Benefits of hiring a Management Essentials coach include:​​​

  • Clarity around business values, goals and objects

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Accomplish more in less time

  • Enhanced work-life balance

  • Improve decision making and business results

  • Improve culture

  • Develop leadership potential



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